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16.04.2014 20:32:00
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The second in our weekly series of new cruiser skins is the Caracal Nugoeihuvi Edition! This cosmetic variation of the Caracal cruiser is available right now in the ingame store for your enjoyment.

Last week’s new skin was the Stabber Krusual Edition, and as we get closer to Fanfest 2014 further skins will be also released for the Omen and Thorax for your viewing pleasure! ...

16.04.2014 14:50:15
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Mastakomo - A force of roughly 300 capsuleers captured and killed Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, two of the Provist renegades who stole Chimera-class carriers from the Caldari Navy. The firefight, which took roughly 35 minutes and occured around the stargate to Uchoshi, saw the destruction of dozens of capsuleer ships as they strove to take down the wanted forces. ...

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We're happy to announce that CCP karkur has taken a little time out of her busy schedule in the run up to Fanfest 2014 in order to make a video that will show you all some tips and tricks for utilizing EVE's UI!

15.04.2014 18:33:00
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One of EVE's strongest selling points always has been its player-centered industry; it creates lots of interesting gameplay around resource collection, distribution and transformation. This concept fuels not only the economy, but conflict as a whole. ...

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Okagaiken - Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara, two Provist commanders, were killed by capsuleer forces in the Okaigaiken system. The two were spotted piloting a Phoenix-class dreadnaught and a Chimera-class carrier shortly after 18:00. ...

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Samanuni - Capsuleers located and killed Tsatei Uppas, a former "Octopus" squadron commander and member of the rogue Provist wing that recently absconded with several Caldari Navy capital ships. ...

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Akkio - Provist commander Tovas Tagahaiken was slain after a sustained firefight in Akkio earlier today. Tagahaiken, one of the Provist militants who had stolen a number of Caldari Navy capital ships, was found in orbit of the third planet in the solar system. ...